The place where traditional capital meets DeFi

Secured Finance is an InterBank-grade financial transaction platform with automatic collateral management and mark-to-market mechanisms.

  • Yield Curve

    Generate yield on your digital assets by fixed terms lending with certainty among selected counterparties.

  • Structured products

    Access institutional-grade investment products without native coin 1-layer limitations.

  • Cross-chain settlement

    Place collateral in native coins and leverage the trustless cross-chain execution.

All-in-one institutional platform for digital asset investors

  • Secured Finance - Lending market

    Collateralised P2P lending

    Lend and borrow digital assets with higher interest rates returns for Filecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and USDC 

  • Secured Finance - Cross-currency swaps

    Cross-currency swaps

    Diversify your portfolio using cross-currency swaps for up to 7% carry trade returns and hedge strategies compared to zero interest rates economy.

  • Institutional terminal 2

    Cross-chain FX trading

    Trade large volume with minimal slippage, trusted counterparties, and secure cross-chain settlement.

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