Who we are & what motivates us

Secured Finance designed a protocol from the accumulated knowledge of 40-years of the financial industry that governs 600+ trillion dollars and made the interbank market system open to the public.

Core Values

  • Technical Curiosity

    To solve complex technical problems we have passion and curiosity. To do it the right way, we have focus and dedication.

  • Financial Expertise

    We're following international battle-tested protocols with over 40 years of track record and proactively engage the evolution of finance.

  • Comply with Regulations

    We're not only reducing the counterparty risks but also watching closer to compliance risks counterparties may have.

Our Team

  • Masa 'Senshi' Kikuchi
    Masakazu Kikuchi
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Former Head of Derivatives Structuring at HSBC
 with over 17 years of experience in traditional finance. Member at Trusted Web (Web3) Council in the Cabinet Secretariat of Japan

  • Bach
    Bach Adylbekov
    Co-Founder & COO

    Second time founder of Web3 startup. Distributed network engineer and inventor of Dione our in-house cross-chain interoperability solution

  • Wechatimg24
    Timo Lee
    Community Lead

    Multilingual and multicultural business developer. Contributor to Web3, IPFS, and DeFi. Engaged in research areas of machine learning and transfer learning. 

  • 1198722116500063.upp6ivfmfevlqngp1ram huge
    Denis Davydov
    Distributed network engineer

    Free software activist, Dione network inventor and open source contributor in Yggdrasil Network, GNOME and GUN database projects

  • Screenshot 2021 08 30 at 12.21.07
    Francis Müller
    Corporate Secretary

    Legal Advisor with extensive technological understanding, formerly employed at a Swiss-based fintech company, with a background in programming and the regulations and mechanics of financial markets

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    Kenji Mitsusada
    Head of Markets

    18 years of interest rate derivatives and macro trading experience. Former Co-Head of G10 FX Forwards and STIR Trading at Goldman Sachs and Hedge Fund Manager at Capula Investment and Management.

  • Reza
    Reza Shahi
    Senior Advisor

    Reza Shahi was the Chief Operating Officer of the firm’s credit business at Citadel. After Citadel, Reza worked at Sequoia Heritage which is a large multi-family office within Sequoia Capital. He is now a senior advisor for Secured Finance. 

  • Reuven
    Reuven Aboulker
    Director of engineering

    12 years as an interest rate derivatives financial engineer in traditional finance. Former technical lead in a top-tier bank. A strong believer in the Web3 revolution.

  • Tanaka3.jpg
    Aki Tanaka
    Smart Contract Engineer

    Former lead engineer at Securitize with extensive Web3 skills to build a regulatory compliant STO platform for financial institutions. 9 years as a software engineer/architect at Accenture. A blockchain advocate since 2013.