Meetup in Berlin - NFT & Defi with IPFS and Filecoin

​Welcome to the Meetup and explore the new business opportunities in NFT, Defi, and Metaverse with IPFS and Filecoin ecosystem. This is a great opportunity to meet digital artists, NFT developers, and experts from the IPFS/Filecoin ecosystem.

Date: Tue 24th May
Location: FreiFläche Studios, Berlin 

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Meet experienced developers, start-up operators, and community advocators. 

  • Konstantin
    Konstantin Tkachuk
    Protocol Labs

    Startup Operator at Protocol Labs

  • Timo
    Timo Lee
    Secured Finance

    Community Lead at Secured Finance. 

  • Lukas
    Lukas Bresser
    Protocol Labs

    He can talk about IPFS, Filecoin, libp2p and more

  • Jans
    Jonas Jetschni
    Protocol Labs

    He can talk about Metaverse, Identity, Web3 and more

  • Ivan
    Ivan Flores Hurtado

    Hackathon winner at ETH Amsterdam 2022, Product Leader & UX Designer at Fuji